Section C "GEODESY"
Working Group on Science and Technology (WGST)
Satellite Navigation Systems

The WGST "Satellite Navigation Systems" was created during 
CEI (Central European Initiative) Section C "Geodesy" 
Review Conference held in Budapest, in May 1997.

Chairman of the Group:
Prof. Dr. Hab. Stanislaw OSZCZAK
m Department of Satellite Geodesy and Navigation
10-957 OLSZTYN, Oczapowski Str.1
tel: +48 89 523 3481,    fax: +48 89 523 4768
e-mail: oszczak@uni.olsztyn.pl

Prof. Dr. Giorgio Manzoni,
University of Trieste,
Piazzale Europa, 34100 Trieste, ITALY
Tel: +39 40 676 3585,  fax: +39 40 676 3580
e-mail: manzoni@univ.trieste.it
Scientific Secretary:
MSc Adam Ciecko
University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
Oczapowski Str. 1, 10-957 Olsztyn, POLAND
Tel: +48 89 523 4524,  fax: +48 89 523 4768
e-mail: adamcie@kosmos.uni.olsztyn.pl

 MAIN OBJECTIVES  of our Working Group activity:

bulletpunktor To IDENTIFY the navigation and positioning requirements in CEI countries ...
bulletpunktor To COMPILE a set of guidelines, procedures, algorithms for real-time users ...
bulletpunktor To INVESTIGATE a reference stations infrastructure in CEI countries ...
bulletpunktor To DEFINE areas of further research and development to integrate ...


First Meeting of the WGST "Satellite Navigation Systems" was held in Nice, France, on 21 May, 1998. The event was associated with EGS General Assembly.

Second Meeting of the Group was  held in Trieste associated with the Workshop on Differential GPS & GLONASS Techniques & Applications on Safety in CEI Area organized by Prof. G. Manzoni, Trieste, 9-12 March, 1999

Third Meeting  of the Group was  held in Olsztyn associated with the 2nd International Workshop on "Satellite Navigation in CEI Area" organized by Prof. S.Oszczak, Olsztyn, 3-5 July, 2000

International Conference on REAL TIME GNSS

The Fourth Meeting of CEI Working Group on Satellite Navigation Systems

Trieste, 9 10 September 2002

FIRST CIRCULAR                                                          


After the Second Meeting of the WGST "Satellite Navigation Systems" the Member List consists of 22 persons from 15 countries.

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